About the Lake Cathie Progress Association...


What is a Progress Association?

A Progress Association is a group of local residents who are concerned about issues directly involving their own area.


Does not involve itself in political issues.


It brings residents’ concerns to the notice of Council, State or Federal Governments in a non-confrontational manner by presenting reasoned and reasonable points of view. These issues may have been overlooked or ignored by Council but are important to residents.


While the Progress Association looks mainly at concerns of residents of its own area, on occasions it will join with other Progress Associations to bring matters to Council’s attention.


The Progress Association can apply for funds for community projects through grants from Council, State and Federal Governments and private enterprise. An example was funding to build and install fish cleaning tables around the Lake Cathie foreshore. This came from NSW Government Fisheries Dept.


All residents are welcome to join their local Progress Association and can attend the public meetings which are usually held three times a year even if they are not members. Our Association currently has a Committee of nine residents all with a variety of backgrounds and knowledge. Their main attribute is concern for the welfare of their community.


Elections are held annually for all committee positions.


The Objectives of the Association are:

A) To act in the best interests of the ratepayers and residents of the village

B) To protect the environment of the village

C) To be a non-political and non-sectarian Association



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