Area 14

Area 14 Developments


260 Manufactured home estate


View the Draft Stage Plan for Manufactured Home Site




St Vincent's Foundation Plan for 900 homes


View the St Vincents Foundation (Rainbow Beach)


View the LCPA SVF Submission Letter



King + Campbell Concept Plan


(This proposed residental development is in addtion to the St Vincent's Foundation Plan for 900 homes and the 260 Manufactured home estate)

For more information please contact:  King + Campbell      Ph:   6586 2501



King + Campbell, on behalf of the landowners Milland Pty Ltd (Lot 1) and Seawide Pty Ltd (Lot 4), have lodged the following  concurrent applications with the Department of Planning;

1.       A Concept Plan application for residential, commercial and tourist development and environmental works; and

2.       A Project Application for the ‘Stage 1’ environmental works associated with the SEPP 26 Littoral Rainforest.


View the King + Campbell Concept Plan (stage 18 Middle Rock area)

View the LCPA Submission to King + Campbell


Please click here for a link to the Department of Planning’s web site and to the application (reference 07_0010) which is currently on exhibition until 20 December, 2010.