Erosion Issues

Long term erosion detail

Compiled 23/07/2009


Red Line section of coastline

This is the section of the Lake Cathie coast has been impacted by erosion for at least the past 25 years – Refer Hastings Municipal Council’s letter of 22 November 1985 confirming erosion between Lake Entrance and Middle Rock.

Some causes of this erosion include:

  • Removal of vegetation from dunes
  • Blow outs caused by unauthorised beach access.
  • Storm Water outlets directly flowing from the dunes
  • Long term failure to maintain the dunal structures
  •  Erosion from natural causes unable to be corrected by natural processes due to issues above.


In 2008 Port Macquarie Hastings Council & NSW Department of Environment & Climate Change commissioned the Lake Cathie Coastal Study & Plan related to the erosion issues.



Purple Line sections of coastline

The sections of the coastline north of the Lake Entrance and south of Middle Rock show minimal impacts of erosion – occasional erosion caused by storm events and other natural events are in time naturally corrected.


Neither of these sections has been used for residential development



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