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Lake Cathie Landcare

Landcare Lake Cathie

2018 Secretary’s Report


  • Over 540 hours contributed to Landcare by our volunteers
  • Over 300 seedlings planted in the JD Reserve
  • 2 School groups, totalling 250 students, introduced to Landcare
  • 1 new work area, Sections 1 and 2 of the Community Centre
  • 1 proposed new area, section 2 at the JD reserve (see map next page)
  • Collaboration with local sister Landcare groups
  • Collaboration with the council.


2018 marked a new highpoint in the activities of the Lake Cathie Landcare Group. Not only was the traditional and ongoing work continued in the JD Reserve, but the group expanded its activity to a new area-the creek running behind the Community Centre.

At the JD reserve over 300 locally sourced and grown seedlings were planted in the Reserve. The plantings ranged from Lomandra, Native sedge and Pigface, to Melaleuca, Casuarina and Bottle Brush. A number of plants were sourced from our sister organisation, Port Macquarie Landcare and these formed part of our program to restore the biodiversity of the local dune ecosystem. Unfortunately for this planting, many of the seedlings were eaten by the deer, who with the drought and subsequent lack of feed around the lake had moved into the JD Reserve. The survivors are doing well, and we look forward to their contribution to the mosaic of plants comprising the JD Reserve.

Also at the JD Reserve, we played host to year 10 Geography and year 11 Environmental Science from the St. Joseph’s Regional College. The Environmental students were interested in the
remediation work which is conducted by the Landcare group, and they were able to get some practical experience in weed removal. The geography class of around 200 students, who were
exposed to the nature and challenges facing the foredune ecosystems. New to this experience this year was the involvement of Helen Ward and Steve Friedrich from professional Bush
Regeneration Team from Hastings Council, and the support of Steve Allwood from Hastings Landcare. Their contribution enhanced our demonstrations and showed how important the work we do is to the Hastings community.

Later in the year, with the approval of the bush regeneration team, we expanded our activities to include the creek running behind the Communiw Centre. Here we have been mainly focussed on the noxious and invasive weeds such as lantana, Senna and Scotch Thistle, as well as removing garden escapees. This work, in a new area has proved to be a real boost to the spirits of the
Landcare group, and we look forward to continuing it next year. Although, personally, I don’t WeThistle removal very much.

The group benefited greatly from a donation of equipment organised by Matt Bell of Hastings council, and additionally, was able to upgrade the shirts.

In late news, the group was successful in securing a $1,000 dollar grant for new boots, pants,hats and other PPE, from the council for the 2019 year.

Finally we established a facebook pages which appears to be growing in popularity.

Lake Cathie Landcare Facebook Page

Correct Myna Bird Identification

Indian Myna Pest
Noisy Mina

Download brochure to identify the difference between Indian Mynas and Native (Noisy) Mynas:

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