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LCPA Major Projects

Major Projects 2020

Lake Cathie Community Plan

This plan sets out the vision, goals and priorities for improving the quality of life for the residents of Lake Cathie for the next five to ten years.

Endorsed at the March 2020 Council Meeting.

Download Plan in PDF Format:
Click here to download the Lake Cathie Community Plan



Major Projects 2018-2019

Lake Cathie Progress Association (LCPA) committee for 2018 conducted a planning session on Thursday 12 April 2018 for the purpose of identifying and updating the Major Projects for Lake Cathie and to establish strategies to ensure these projects are identified with the Port Macquarie Hastings Council (PMHC).

The Key Objectives of the LCPA

  • Involvement in key projects and issues that affect our community
  • Working closely with Councillors and Council to effect appropriate solutions; and
  • Dissemination of issues and outcomes of the community through newsletters and media

Major Projects

  1. Ocean Drive
    Engage with representatives from the Bonny Hills Progress Association.
    To engage and have regular meetings with representatives from PMHC to cooperatively develop a Strategic Plan for upgrade of the Ocean Drive corridor between Port Macquarie and Kew.
  2. Foreshore/Recreational & Skate Park
    Now that the “Lake Cathie Foreshore Plan” has been adopted by PMHC the responsibility of the LCPA will be:
    – Take an Active role with Masterplan Grant Applications
    – Work with and support Lake Cathie – Bonny Hills Lions Club
    – Work with and support Recreational & Skate Park Committee.
    LCPA to lobby Council to ensure funding for “Lake Cathie Foreshore Masterplan Development” is included in their 2018-2019 Operation Plan.
    Council need to consult with LCPA and local community in the planning stages.
  3.  Revetment Wall
    LCPA to continue to monitor and support Residents Committee steering the issues relating To the developments of the Revetment Wall.LCPA to lobby Council in conjunction with Residents Committee to obtain Distribution Analysis report.LCPA need to empower the community by keeping them informed on the progress via our Newsletters and Meetings.
  4.  Estuary
    LCPA TO REQUEST Estuary Management Committee representative to provide updated reports and outcomes from Estuary Management Committee Meetings.
  5.  Localised Parking & Safety Issues
    LCPA to continue to review issues as they arise, make submissions where necessary and disseminate information to members.LCPA to engage with Council to highlight concerns.
  6.  Pedestrian Network
    LCPA to request from Council a copy of the Lake Cathie “Paths & Cycleways Plan”.LCPA to conduct a “Planning Session” to identify walkways/cycle ways within Lake Cathie that have missing links and need connection.LCPA to advise PMHC of the outcome of this session.
  7.  Area 14/Sporting Fields
    LCPA continue contact with Peter Cameron, Senior Strategic Planner at PMHC to ensure LCPA receive all current information as each new stage of the development is initiated.LCPA to keep the community informed of progress via our Newsletters and Meetings.LCPA to consider having one committee member responsible for all media communications.
  8.  Community Hall
    Currently this project is a C energy Application, as Council continue to investigate other GST options available to LCPA and other community halls within the LGA.Upon receipt of any Agreement it will need to be presented to committee for review and costings.
  9. Private Development
    LCPA to continue to review notification from Council of any upcoming new developments within Lake Cathie LCPA Committee to review and provide feedback to Council either supporting or not supporting the development in the community interest.LCPA need to empower the community by keeping them informed on any new developments via our Newsletters and Meetings.