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Things To Do

Things To Do in Lake Cathie

Lake Cathie is an active and vibrant community. The pristine coastline of Lake Cathie’s beaches begs for exploration. Only 20km south of Port Macquarie, Lake Cathie is an ideal weekend escape.

Looking east from Lake Cathie on a clear day yields a view of the Pacific Ocean, while turning west the network of freshwater and saltwater waterways await.

When exploring the waterway networks, Lake Cathie and the estuary all offer walking and exploration opportunities. The estuary and Lake Innes National Park are particularly enthralling, as its vast ecological network is ripe with birds, fish and small marsupials for the interest of amateur or aspiring zoologists. Historians will also appreciate the Lake Innes Ruins, built by Archibald Clunes Innes in 1830.

Other activities within the local area include:

  • Restaurants
  • Bago Vineyard
  • Beach Activities
  • Beach & Estuary Fishing
  • Beach 4WD
  • Bike Tracks
  • Billabong Zoo
  • Boating
  • Camden Haven Waterways
  • Cassegrain Winery
  • Coastal Walk
  • Golf Courses
  • Kayaking
  • Kendall (15 minutes drive)
  • Koala Hospital
  • Lake Cathie Bowling Club
  • Lake Cathie Tennis Club
  • Laurieton (20 minute drive)
  • Laurieton Movie Theatre
  • Long Point Vineyard
  • Middle Brother National Park
  • Mountain Biking
  • North Brother Mountain
  • Port Macquarie (20 minute drive)
  • Sea Acres Rainforest
  • Stand up Paddleboarding
  • Tacking Point Lighthouse
  • Surf Breaks
  • Wauchope (30 minute drive)
  • Windsurfing