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Lake Cathie pronounced “cat eye” is a town located on the Mid North Coast of New South Wales. It is about 20 minutes drive south of Port Macquarie and 20 minutes drive north of Laurieton with a current population of approximately 3,600 people.

Lake Cathie is an area of high conservation value and serves a variety of uses, from water bird habitat to recreational boating and swimming

The Lake Cathie Community is hospitable, friendly and is a popular holiday destination on the Mid North Coast of NSW because of its tranquil location hosting the lake, lagoon and beautiful beaches.

Lake Cathie’s main feature is the tidal lake that is fed by the ocean daily. Several times throughout the year the lake is closed over by Mother Nature with shifting sands and becomes dark in colour due to the tannins in the local flora.

Lake Cathie is popular for its Mediterranean climate, and is said to be one of the best climates in Australia. It also has an extensive foreshore areas complete with picnic areas and BBQ facilities.

The town is a popular holiday destination, and hosts a number of businesses including a Woolworths supermarket, local tavern, Lake Cathie Bowling Club, bakery, fish & chip shop, coffee shop, pharmacy, post office, and a fashion shop.

Many tourists take advantage of the lake all year round, and the area is very popular for fishing and swimming – especially when the lake is opened.

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