The Lake Cathie Progress Association has launched this website to keep you up to date on local projects, issues, business & tourism.


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Family membership is still only $15 per annum
Business membership unlocks additional benefits and is only $25 per year.

Family Membership

A “good community” can be best described as a:

“cohesive, safe, confident, prosperous and happy place. It is free of poverty and crime, providing a high quality of life for everyone that lives there. It values and promotes an open participative development process”

There can be no better feeling than to live among a community who have the same beliefs, and help each other through the hard times.

For a community to be truly successful it relies totally on members of that community to be actively involved in the decision making process.

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The LCPA is actively seeking new members to ensure all community members have a voice in the way Lake Cathie will move forward into the future.

A Family Membership will only cost $10 per year, and we strongly urge all households within Lake Cathie to join the LCPA where we will welcome your ideas and opinions.

Lake Cathie  “Your voice Your Community”

Business Membership

Becoming a Business Member of the LCPA has a number of benefits. Growing your business is just one of them.

To partner your business with the LCPA, will allow your business access to opportunities you may not be currently enjoying. The LCPA has taken a conscience effort to be part of the Greater Port Macquarie Tourism Association, which will enable all local business members to be able to showcase their businesses throughout the local area.

The LCPA has set up a Facebook site, as well as a highly interactive Community Website, enabling your business to gain extensive exposure through social media and networking opportunities.

Your business will be promoted within the LCPA Facebook site, as well as a prominent listing within the LCPA Website, where your business can be promoted extensively.

The LCPA has designed a “Shop Local Brochure” and your business will be included and promoted within this brochure. This Brochure is currently distributed amongst the Lake Cathie Community and enables your business to gain further exposure and credibility within the community.

It should also be noted that Business Members have the opportunity to attend LCPA Business Networking Dinners, where Guest Speakers will provide valuable information on how to manage, run and promote your business.

As you are aware, Lake Cathie is a thriving town with extensive growth predicted over the next decade. The LCPA acts in the best interests of the Lake Cathie Community, and is totally committed to the promotion and development of local businesses and tourism.

The LCPA committee is made up of a group of volunteers who regularly meet with the PMHC to provide community feedback on projects that are important to the people of the Lake Cathie Community. The LCPA relies totally on Membership Fees and Advertising to fund its ongoing operations, and we are committed to increasing our membership to ensure that Newsletters, Shop Local Brochures, Facebook & Website are maintained for the benefit of the local community.

By becoming a Business Member of the LCPA, your tax-deductible Membership Fee of $80.00 per year will go a long way to assist the viability of the Association for many years to come.

We strongly urge you to complete the Application For Membership form, and we look forward to welcoming you as a Business Member of the LCPA.


Family membership

  • Family yearly membership
  • No joining fee
  • Member General Meetings
  • Work closely with council's local projects
  • Work on issues for benefit of the wider community
  • Support local business sustainability
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Business membership

  • All of the above plus the following:
  • Business yearly membership
  • No joining fee
  • Promote tourism to the area
  • listing on the GPMTA website
  • Shop local promotions
  • Listing on LCPA Website
  • Business "Spot Light" on Facebook
  • Networking dinner events with quality quest speakers
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Lake Cathie Progress Association

Explore our membership options

The LCPA Membership, whether as an Individual/Household Member or a Business Member is valued and are both paramount for the success of the organisation.

In comparison to individual/household Membership the Business Members pay a higher Membership Fee which provides extra benefits.

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